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« on: April 21, 2011, 08:20:06 pm »

1. Scaming will NOT be tolerated!
2. Keep offensive language to a minimum. (Yell chat must be clean!)
3. Spamming in the yell or normal chat is NOT allowed!
4. Auto talkers MUST be set to 5 sec.
5. Do NOT impersonate staff of any kind in anyway what so ever!
6. Harassment is NOT tolerated in any way shape or form!
7. Abuse of bugs or glitches will be taken seriously!
8. Encouraging others to break any rules is forbidden!
9. We will not be fooled by staff hunters!
10. Do NOT make multiple accounts to get money!
11. Do NOT ask for personal information.
12. Advertising in anyway will resault in a ban!
13. You MUST respect all staff members at all times!
14. Staff have the final say in all situations.

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